USGS Real-time Streamflow Stations in the Upper Scioto Watershed

These are automated stream gauge stations reporting data to the Untied States Geological Survey (USGS). All stations report on stream depth; most report on flow volume and some include other measurements such as temperature. You can select graphic or tabular display. The URLs here are set to display the last 31 days of data.

These are selected from a larger list here.

Check these stations after a rain event. Compare variations in flow at different points on a stream, on the same day. Note the rates of rising and falling.

Scioto River Stations

03219500 Scioto River near Prospect OH
2.0 mi south of Prospect

03221000 Scioto River below O'Shaughnessy Dam
0.8 mi downstream from O'Shaughnessy Dam

03227500 Scioto River at Columbus OH
at Jackson Pike Wastewater Treatment Plant

Olentangy River Stations

03223000 Olentangy River at Claridon OH
900 ft downstream from bridge on State Highway 95

03225500 Olentangy River Near Delaware, OH
1,000 ft downstream from Delaware Dam

03226800 Olentangy River near Worthington OH
on left bank, 350 ft downstream of I-270 bridge
(near Wilson Bridge Road)

US Army Corps of Engineers Lake Levels and Outflow

This information is drawn from a larger list here. Thes links include data for gauge stations downstream from the lakes.

Alum Creek

Delaware Lake